This is were I will be posting all my edits, and other media type projects.

Brian Stewart  edit #1

This is an edit I made with stewy in 3 sessions at Trp. The first night we filmed for about 5 hours In which he did most of the bangers the first night of filming. 

Self Edit. Chris Hersey

Old edit I made in 07 of some scrap footage, I had some time on my hands.
Filmed by: Mike Goldberg, Jason Govan, Bob Hoey, Dane Wild, Myself.

Rick Thorne?

He cam through the midwest with a "Join the monster army" tour, him band played, free monster and jam style contests went down.

45 minutes on the new setup.

I was able to borrow a wide angle lens thats a skater modified with parts of a fish eye. First time I used a lens with such a wide range of view, looking through the camera I couldn't tell how close I actually came to people. Almost got taken out bay justin a one clip. This was all filmed on the newest set up at TRP in a span of about 45 minutes.